This logo was the winner by vote in our 2020 Logo Design Contest, designed by Steve Smith from Leicester, England!  You can learn more about Steve and his work by following him on Twitter: @Smith_Design

It breaks our heart to have to make this decision, but it is one that was not made lightly.  We take pride in putting on a first-class WIFFLE event year after year, and to keep that level of excellence was just impossible while maintaining any sort of safe social distancing measures among large crowds in concentrated areas, not to mention the potential for exposure with shared equipment (bats, balls, etc).  We apologize that we cannot be a part of your summer fun!  But... we promise to come back STRONG in 2021!  You can still help, though... see below!


Support your local Make-A-Wish chapter by buying our offical merch from our store!

T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, racerbacks, we’ve got them all here!  Even though there aren’t any tournaments this year, you can look like you were there!  We will keep this merch store open all summer, and all of the profits will be split evenly between the three chapters what Wifflin' For Wishes has been in partnership with:  Minnesota, Mass & RI, and Iowa.  The plan is to make final donations just after Labor Day.



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