Field Assignments

Field 1

Field 2

Field 3

1.) Barley Legal

1.) Beach Bums

1.) Fridley Factors

2.) Brave Iron Kards

2.) Clutch Hitters

2.) Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

3.) Chuck Kno-Brah

3.) Dodgers + Hardball

3.) Waikiki Wifflers

4.) Stache Swag

4.) The Flying Gerbils

4.) Wiffleball Team 2




Field 4

Field 5

Field 6

1.) Dad Bod 2: Jason Momoa

1.) Kyle Guy’s Guys

1.) Team Chotch

2.) Marty’s Havarti Party

2.) South Lake All-Stars

2.) Idiots Out Wifflin’ Around

3.) Ramaboys

3.) East Siders

3.) Chicken & Wiffles

4.) Saturday Night Slam Masters

4.) Hornets

4.) Wiffle Troopers




Field 7

Field 8

Field 9 (Minor League Division)

1.) West Ebbets Alumni

1.) Sheboygan Friars

1.) MargaWIFFLEville

2.) Land Narwhalers

2.) Fireballers

2.) Sheboygan FriHers

3.) Moose Soup

3.) MacChamps

3.) Can’t Think Of A Name

4.) Jorgen’s Flow

4.) Children Of The Sun

4.) We’re Not Done Yet


Since this is only our second time out at this venue, there are some ground rules that we must cover, so please read this carefully:

  • Absolutely NO outside food, beverages or coolers may be brought on to the premises.  If we see anything of the sort, you'll be asked to bring it back to your car.  There will be water and Gatorade available for purchase, as well as the standard bar & grill offerings (which is excellent stuff).  The Village Sports Bar is letting us put on this tournament in their backyard at no charge, so let's show them some love by giving them our business on this day!
  • No Dogs are allowed.  Sorry, house rules.
  • All players, family and friends who are attending the tournament that are 21+ MUST be ID'd and wristbanded.  As your team checks in, have everyone that is of age with your team/group come to the scoring tent to get a wristband and have your ID handy.  Anyone without a wristband will not be served adult beverages.  Any minors caught with adult beverages will be asked to leave the tournament.
  • Tents/canopies are fine (especially with the iffy forecast), but we're being asked to be careful to avoid irrigation lines if you're putting stakes down.  We don't want to damage anything!

Those are pretty much the ground rules.  Now on to actual tournament info:

  • TEAM CHECK IN:  begins at 9am sharp, games begin at 10am sharp.  Since we must ID and wristband everybody, allow yourself some time and get there early!  (PRO TIP:  The Village opens for breakfast at 8am, so why not get in early and fuel up!)
  • RAFFLE TICKETS:  $2 each.  Try your luck at winning some really cool prizes, like Twins tickets and memorabilia, or one of several jerseys that are worn by teams in the HRL Twin Cities Wiffle Ball League!  Prize winners are usually announced after round robin play, so stick around!  (Happy Hour starts at 3pm at The Village, also... just sayin’.)
  • NEW RULE: We’re experimenting with a rule change for 2019, instead of 6 balls for a walk and 2 strikes for an out, it will be 5 balls for a walk and 3 strikes for an out.
  • MAJOR LEAGUE TEAMS:  Part 1 of the tourney is round robin divisional play with all teams playing 3 games.  All 32 Major League teams will then be seeded into a single elimination playoff bracket to determine our champion.
  • MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS: All teams play 4 games.
  • TROPHIES & AWARDS: The top 4 finishing teams in the Major League division will get super sweet trophies, and there are also awards for Best Team Name, Best Uniforms/Costumes and "Sultans Of Suck" (given in jest to the worst team that day).
  • EQUIPMENT:  All equipment will be provided for you.  So leave those aluminum or taped bats and sanded balls at home!  We'll be using only the official yellow WIFFLE brand bats and balls.  To ensure a level playing field, only tournament supplied equipment will be allowed to be used during the games.
  • NO CLEATS OR SPIKES:  The repetitive motions of pitching and batting, combined with wearing spikes, are likely to unnecessarily damage the turf, especially if the ground is wet as the forecast indicates it could be.  Therefore sneakers, sandals or even bare feet will be the order of the day.

We've got 36 teams lined up and the weather looks to be a little bit iffy, so plan accordingly.  We will play through some raindrops if need be-- no matter what, though, a great day awaits for us and for Make-A-Wish Minnesota!   I look forward to seeing all of you!

~Pat "Truck" Moriarty
Tournament Director